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Hours Monday- Saturday 10-7 Sunday- 11-6

The Honey Pot Company-Organic Regular Tampons


The Honey Pot Company - 100% Organic Regular Tampons with Bio-Plastic Applicator Unscented - 18 Count

Safe and effective leak protection, without the worry of harmful chemicals. A more peaceful period starts here.

  • 100% certified organic cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, dyes, dioxins, or synthetic materials
  • BPA-free bioplastic applicator derived from sugarcane
  • 100% recyclable packaging

Contains 18 Regular absorbency tampons. For extra protection, check out their 100% organic cotton Super-absorbent tampons.

How Organic Tampons Compare to Non-Organic
The Honey Pot Company want to eliminate the infections, irritation, cramps, and more issues that can stem from toxins in tampons. The Honey Pot Company's tampons are created with organic cotton, grown without any pesticides or chemicals. All of their tampons are also fragrance-free and are wrapped in a BPA-free plastic applicator. The Honey Pot Company also proudly list all ingredients on the box. The Honey Pot Company believe everyone should have a healthy period and know what they are putting in their body