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Hours Monday- Saturday 10-7 Sunday- 11-6

Miss Jessie’s Multi-Cultural Curls 8.5 oz


MULTICULTURAL CURLS™ IS EXCELLENT FOR MIXED HERITAGE & MULTI-TEXTURED CURLS. GREAT FOR SOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND WASH N GO STYLING. If you struggle to find the right products for your multi-textured curls, look no further. Our MultiCultural Curls™ styling lotion is perfect for women who are a beautiful mix of different ethnicities but cannot find styling products that work for their unique multi-textured curls. Some products are too heavy and may leave your textured curls oily and weighed down. Other products are just too light. We know your story well and share your frustration. Growing up as bi-racial babies, we were always searching for just the right product. Now, we celebrate our mixed-race heritage and the curls that come with it. And you can too! Multicultural Curls™ gives your textured curls uniformity and manageability while at the same time fights frizz. Not too heavy and not too light, the perfect balance created just for you! Try it and you will love the beautiful curls that were styled with Multicultural Curls™ “The Best Darn MultiCultural Styling Lotion.” For all multicultural stylists, add this product to your multicultural hair salon. Your clients will love the results!